How much will it cost to be a Bearcat?

Our ICBA centres are all working together to keep our costs down for our players. We are not-for-profits, so every dollar goes towards making your experience better. Our program for 2022 will be $4000 per player and we will have a fee assistance program for players in need. We also intend to leverage our 7-centre reach to engage sponsors from our region to support the program. Transportation costs will be offset with team-building travel bus options.


What travel is involved?

Elite baseball includes travel - for league games and tournament offerings.

During the season, which runs May and June, families should expect transportation to be arranged for the players for away games requiring an overnight stay. The PBLO teams often work to set up tournament style weekends to limit league travel to Ottawa and Sudbury. Family bus options can also be booked based on total headcount.

Our teams will also travel to tournaments in July and August (when permitted), along with playing for the PBLO championship (July) and the Baseball Ontario championship (August).

We will incorporate Winter training options for players in the Dominican Republic (when permitted and optional on a first come, first served basis).

Program sponsors will be leveraged to reduce travel costs.



Why do I need a release?

Our teams are playing as residency teams within the PBLO, which means that they will be rostered with Baseball Ontario to participate in provincials/eliminations and nationals out of Kitchener. These are important tournaments that not only offer an opportunity for more hardware - but are important showcase opportunities for our players. Residency teams play with the Baseball Ontario age requirements. If you do not live in Kitchener, or currently play for Kitchener, you will need a release prior to attending tryouts. Please see our tryout information for age groups being offered.


Which centre will we play out of?

As a joint program, it is important to us that we showcase our teams in all of our centres. While most off-season training will take place in Kitchener, league and Fall Ball games may be hosted at other great facilities around the ICBA. Offering the local association an opportunity to cheer on the players representing their centre - we expect large crowds at every Bearcats home game.



What does the offseason training schedule entail?

Our off season training program will run for 24 weeks, 3 x 80 minute sessions with our baseball program instructors and trainers. You can learn more about our team of experts here.

Our training is broken into three 8 week segments.

Segment 1 focuses 80% on conditioning and 20% baseball activity.

Segment 2 splits time equally between conditioning and skill acquisition.

Segment 3 focuses 80% on skill refinement and 20% on conditioning.

All training is done in small groups so that players have the full attention of our team.



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